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The More tab enables you to view periodic sales reports, update business details, invite users and update other app settings. Below is a list of available features and their descriptions:

More Tab Overview

Business Details

The business header at the top shows you information about the current business you are logged into and the account you are using. You can edit your Business Details by tapping Edit Details.

Switch Business

Tapping the switch business button on the top right corner gives you quick access to other businesses associated with your account without the need to log out.

Switch business


The switch business button is only available when you already have 2 or more businesses associated with the email address used to log in. To apply for new businesses or link additional businesses to your current account, please call us on 1800 029 749.


The Reports section gives you a detailed break-down of your sales history over a range of time frames:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly


The Inventory section is where you can manage your Items:

Card Payments

The Card Payments menu will show you if your device is enabled to accept payments and provides you access to view card payment acceptance Tools.

If you'd like to pass on some of your cost of accepting card payments, you may enable card surcharging from the Surcharge menu. Here you can enter a percentage amount to pass on to the cardholder.

Business Settings

The Business Settings section is where you can manage various settings that relate to your business:


The help option will take you to the Help Centre where you can find this help site, or send feedback to the EFTPOS Air team.


You can check the version of EFTPOS Air that you're using as well as:

  • Third Party Licenses used within the EFTPOS Air app
  • Westpac Privacy Statement
  • Westpac Merchant Business Solution Card Acceptance by Business Terms and Conditions