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Hospitality Mode Only (on Android)

When running in Hospitality Mode (on Android), you can configure receipt printers in order to print order slips. Different printers can be named and configured for different items types, such as a kitchen printer and a bar printer.

Create Printer

Tap the (+) button to create a new printer, and then enter a name.

This will create a printer that can be assigned to items for printing order slips. You will be able to see this printer from any devices that are logged in to your business, but you'll need to separately configure the IP address for a printer on each phone or tablet that you'd like to use to print order slips from.

Once correctly configured, whenever you create an order an order slip will be printed if the order includes any items assigned to this printer.

Assigning Items to a Printer

To assign items to your printer, click the ** Edit Items Assigned to Printer** button. This will bring up a list of your items with a check against each item that is assigned to this printer.

Select any items that you'd to assign to this printer, and press back when done.

You can also assign an item to a printer when editing the item itself from the Items menu.

Configuring Your Printer

You will need to configure your local printer for each phone or tablet that you'd like to use to print order slips from.

Enter the IP address for the printer and then press Test Printer to print a test receipt. You should see a short test receipt printed from your printer.

Your Printer IP

The printer IP address can usually be printed by holding down the power button of the printer when it turns on. Different printers may behave differently, so please consult your receipt printer manual for more details.

If you don't see a test receipt being printed then there may be a network issue between your phone or tablet and your receipt printer. In that case you may wish to try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that the IP address you've entered is correct
  • Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the same network as your printer
  • Check your router configuration to ensure that devices on the network can talk to each other

Static IP Addresses

If your printer or router turns off, then next time it connects to your network it might have a different IP address. To resolve this, you can configure a static IP for your printer via your router configuration. For more information on how to do this, please consult the instructions that came with your router.

To disable the printer for this phone or tablet, you can use the Clear Printer button which will clear the IP address details.

Editing a Printer

To edit a printer set simply tap the printer you want to edit from the list. Make any changes as detailed above and use the back button once you're finished editing.

You can also delete a modifier set by using the Delete Printer at the bottom of the Edit Printer screen.