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Card Payment Settings

Card Payments

Tap to Pay on iPhone (iOS) and Airpay TAP (Android) are EFTPOS Air components that enable payment acceptance on your mobile device:

  • The Card Payments menu will show if card payment acceptance is enabled or disabled for use
  • It will also provide access to card payment Tools, which will be useful for troubleshooting issues if you require support

Only one device can enabled for card payment acceptance at a time

Currently card payments can be enabled on one mobile device at any given time. Enabling card payments on another device will cause it to be disabled on the existing one.

Card Surcharge

You can pass on some of your cost of accepting card payments by enabling card surcharging. Here you can enter an additional percentage of the sale amount to add to the transaction.

Enable Card Surcharge

To enable card surcharge, switch the Enable Surcharge button to On. Enter the surcharge percentage you wish to charge on card transactions, then tap the Back button on the top left (for iOS), or the Save button at the bottom of the screen (for Android) to save this setting.

Important Information about Card Surcharging

If you charge a fee for processing card transactions, you must clearly disclose any surcharges that might apply before processing the card transaction.