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Here you can create and manage your available surcharges. Surcharges can be applied to the entire sale or to specific line-items, allowing you to add an additional cost to sales or invoices, such as a Holiday Surcharge.

Your surcharges can be re-ordered by using the edit 'pen' button at the top right of the screen (on iOS) or holding down and dragging (on Android) to the order that you would like them to appear.

Create Surcharge

To create a new surcharge tap (+) button on the top right (on iOS), or on the bottom right (on Android). Then enter a name for your modifier set. Enter a name, choose between percentage or amount-based, and enter a value, then tap Save.

Percentage surcharges can be applied to either line-items or to the entire sale. Amount-based surcharges can only be applied to the entire sale but not to individual line-items.

Edit Surcharge

To edit a surcharge simply tap the surcharge and edit it following the above instructions.

You can also delete a surcharge by using the Delete Surcharge button at the bottom of the Edit Surcharge screen.